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Some PPC Hacks to Try Out in 2023

Paid search is a pillar of digital marketing. It is a simple way for individuals and businesses to reach audiences by paying a certain amount of money.

Pay-per-click or PPC refers to a type of paid search ad campaign. In such a campaign, advertisers are required to pay the ad platform a pre-determined amount of money every time somebody clicks on the ad.

Sounds simple?

Like most things, PPC is neither very difficult nor very easy. As revealed by a blog from the Delhi Courses Academy, It requires a certain level of strategic oversight and creativity to make sure PPC campaigns yield productive results.

There are different platforms advertisers can use to run their PPC campaigns. By far, the most popular ad platform currently used by advertisers is Google AdWords.

Go to any digital marketing institute and you’d find an entire module dedicated to Google AdWords and PPC marketing. In today’s digital marketing space, professionals who can either deploy SEO or use AdWords are valued the most. Both these techniques are the simplest and most effective ways for a company to reach its target audience.

While SEO is a patient man’s game and should be seen as a long-term strategic investment, PPC is something is an instant gratifier. PPC marketing can be very effective in giving instant results to a company that cannot wait for leads and prospects to be converted through inbound marketing SEO benefits.

In this article, we cover some PPC hacks that help paid search campaigns reach their audience more effectively.

Life Events Audience Targeting

Say you are selling tour packages to couples online. You have a website with all the best holiday packages for married couples.

What is the one particular life event in your target audiences’ lives when they’d be most likely to consider your tour packages?

Right after they married, right!

There are certain life events around which people become more susceptible to buying things. With Google Audience targeting, advertisers can reach people who are at a special moment of their life. Currently, life events on Google AdWords are restricted to graduation, marriage, and moving (shifting residence). People who are currently amidst any of these three life events can be targeted.

Establish CPA

Always focus on ROI.

This is perhaps the first marketing and business lesson a professional is taught and forced to imbibe. The entire marketing investment should have a positive ROI or there is no point in investing in the first place.

In paid search, this can be a difficult concept to implement, especially in case the niche is very competitive.

Google offers a solution in the form of an automatic bidding strategy which allows a PPC campaign to run at a fixed CPA. This essentially makes sure that the PPC campaign has a net positive ROI. While CPA is not a perfect metric, it is important nonetheless if the advertiser is working on a tight PPC budget.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some PPC hacks marketers can try out in 2023.

About the Author – Gaurav Sharma is a marketing speaker and influencer with many years of experience in the field. He currently works as a guest author for DelhiCourses, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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