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What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Dresses?

There is a myriad of styles to choose from in the wedding dress. It is helpful to consider the body shape of the bride and pick a dress to flatter her body’s in size and form. It is also beneficial to consider other aspects such as your style, weight, and the bride’s age. Here are a few of the main styles.


A wedding dress with a mermaid motif is a great choice for those searching for gowns that flatter the figure’s curves and form. Mermaid dresses are the perfect option for brides who want to emphasise the state of their curvy bodies. A rectangular or hourglass shape will benefit from this kind of dress. It may not be suitable for petite people as it will likely reduce the silhouette and may not appear as flattering.


A line dress wedding (also called the princess dress) will surely be an ideal choice for every bride. A-Line wedding dresses are popular because they are quite accommodating and assist in concealing the tummy bulge or even balancing the larger, top-heavy designs.


Another supple fit option is an Empire wedding dress; it is an excellent dress for any body shape. It’s a great shape for people with the hourglass, pear apple, or an inverted triangle. Classic styled dress with a high waistline and a material that is classy and extends to the fullest length. A perfect dress for pregnant brides as it’s well-formed in a comfortable way.


A Sheath wedding gown (also known as “the Column” dress) is designed to be worn horizontally, from the top down, with no flare around the hem. It is reflected in ball skirts, the empire, and the a-line. Most of these dresses conform to your body shape and are ideally suited for smaller or slim brides. This type of dress is not recommended if you aren’t completely comfortable with the current shape of the body.

Ball Gown

A ball gown wedding dresses (also called “the Cinderella as well as the Fairy-Tale dress) is cut to flaunt out at the top of the hips, adding a level of drama and glamour to the look. The ideal body shape for this dress is the rectangle, apple hourglass, triangle inverted and pear. It is best to steer clear of this type of dress for women with a slim form as this style is quite too big for those with smaller frames.

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